PluginCMS - Took money and didn't deliver goods


For a project to automate communications with people who post Craigslist ads for our services, I found Craigslist Autoresponder. I purchased the product, using PayPal as a means of added security, in case something went wrong. It did.

I purchased the plugin, but never received the product. The links contained in the automated response emails were broken, and I was never able to download the product. I then discovered that the support and contact us pages were broken. I immediately contacted PayPal and filed a complaint, and had to wait 10 days for their process before escalating to a claim.

I finally heard from Eric almost 2 weeks later, who apologized, and claimed that the issue was due to the site being moved to I have since requested a full refund 7 times and have not heard back. It's been 3 weeks.

Today, PayPal informed me that because the purchase was an intangible (software), their protection policy does not apply - EVEN THOUGH I never received the product! I informed them that their vendor was using their services to defraud the public.

DO NOT do business with or Eric Martin of UseGoodBait LLC, a California corporation, who lives at 3168 Rutherford Drive, Stockton, CA 95212 - (855) 687-7267, is a thief.

His fraudulent websites use PAYPAL to defraud consumers and steal their money.

Monetary Loss: $145.

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